Mocha Venato - Moresco brown

Known also as new Cedar Brown or alternative for Moresco brown. Mocha Venato is a popular choice to replace other light browns marbles. Mocha Venato exceed all its competitors by the mean of its multi usage in all the decorative and/or commercial excessive usage. The flow in its veins and the variation of color gives it a very distinguished appearance when used in the mirror book matching format. Color: Mocca -brown, light beigy veins Texture: Honed, Mirror Polished, Bush-Hammered, Tumbled, Brushed Rustic, Flamed Blocks (width x height x length): 150 cm X 170 cm x 280 cm Slabs (height x length): 120 cm x 240 cm Usage: Interior & Exterior , Flooring & Cladding Compression kg/cm2: 1310 Traction kg/cm2: 135 Absorption %by weight: 0.35% Density kg/m3: 2610


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