About US

Ultimate Stones is a highly professional stone firm in the international natural stone sector.

We are specialized in a variety of traditional and unique types of natural stone materials , aslo we provide consultancy about  their different usage and proper application.

Ultimate Stones as a team, we help our clients to reach their optimum solution, taking into consideration, the budget, the color, the quantity as well as the schedule of delivery for their projects

We are well-reputed;

ACADEMICALLY: We are always up to date, by attending yearly most international exhibitions and seminars.

AS CONSULTANTS: By providing stone solutions from all over the world to any type of project.

AS MANUFACTURERS: By executing to the end-user, all types of works using classical, traditional & new materials from all over the world.

AS TRADERS: By supplying to the different levels, in the flow chain, of the stone sector, from whole sellers to retailers

We are mainly oriented for the following :

- First we supply blocks from our different local and international quarries, and we supply slabs and cut to size projects from our different registered companies world wide.

- Second we provide stone solutions for factories and stone traders ,contractors ; the solution will be customized based on a color , quanitity needed ,time frame of delivery and/or on a budget in hand.

-Third we provide a lot of international stock opprtunitities world wide, for blocks, slabs and tiles from different countries.


We are a Lebanese and international stone solution provider. As we are blocks importers and exporters, we are also manufacturer of worldwide stone products as well as our own quarries materials.Since we have direct management and quality control with some quarries around the world such as Turkey and other Asian countries,we can export directly to our customers from those countries; as we have our own exports companies based in those countries, such as China, India ,Turkey and Brazil. We are expert in custom made projects, cut to size tiles as well as standard lines tiles. We have an experience in export marble (blocks, slabs, tiles and custom made projects) involving several lines of the stone business.
In fact ,first we provide a consultancy service preparing the client to take his best choice based on budget ,quality and usage of the stone .Second and this applies more to custom made projects, we provide designs assisted by 3D rendering simulations helping the client to visualize his future project in reality, enabling him to take clear decisions about colors and patterns.
Our company is located in Beit mery City ,Metn , Lebanon. Around 20 minutes by car from Beirut Airport. But we have three other companies registered. One in China, one in India and one in Turkey, as well as the USA