Beige Antique

Being a very hard material, Beige Antique is a very good solution for multiple type of projects. Due to its relative very low water absorption, as well as very little veins, this material does not need any back meshing nor any front resin treatment.To take advantage of this charming stone,use the antique finish in ashlar pattern and it will give the best result. Color: Beige with yellowish shade Texture: Honed, Mirror Polished, Tumbled, Brushed Blocks (width x height x length): 80 cm-100 cm x 120 cm x 240 cm Slabs (height x length): 120 cm x 240 cm Usage: Interior & Exterior, Flooring & Cladding Compression kg/cm2: 1790 Traction kg/cm2: 190 Absorption %by weight: 0.1 Density kg/m3: 2880