Red Jasper

This wide collection of hard, colored, vitreous to opaque stones (jaspers), is very famous since antiquity. Names like Red jasper, Blood Stone, Chrysoprase, Petrified Wood, Carnelian and Agates are just to list few from this big family of stones used by the Greeks and the Romans in cameos to celebrate their famous faces. Technical/details: SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide Jasper is an opaque, impure Chalcedony, usually red but also yellow, green, and grayish blue. Often jasper is multi-colored. Jasper is a very pretty, inexpensive earth stone. It is usually worn as beads or cabochons. Colors:Rich clay red color, with a slight greyish-black matrix Care and Treatment:The polish on Jasper will often be washed away in water. Clean with a soft dry cloth. Jasper is often sealed with petroleum products. Hardness :Jasper has a hardness rating of 7. Specific Gravity: 2.65 - 2.66 Where Found:Jasper is found in France, Germany, India, Russia, Venezuela and USA (Arizona, California, Utah and Wyoming).