Cream Pinkish

Cream pinkish : has a cream-beige background with some pinkish hues, it is a very affordable and heavy duty material. Its steady more or less homogenous in color variation makes it a multi-usage material in the beige marble family. It takes very high gloss in polished finish, and gives a very smooth leather finish too. Color: Pinkish Beige with few reddish veins Texture: Honed, Mirror Polished, Tumbled, Brushed Blocks (width x height x length): 120 cm x 140 cm x 260 cm Slabs (height x length): 140 cm x 260 cm Usage: Interior & Exterior, Flooring & Cladding Compression kg/cm2: 1770 Traction kg/cm2: 130 Absorption %by weight: 0.35 Density kg/m3: 2730

Executed Projects using this Material